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Archaeological investigations according to the Dutch Guide of Quality (KNA)

EARTH can assist as well as advise you in ensuring that all steps taken are in accordance with the Dutch Guide of Quality (KNA).

Desk research

EARTH can provide an archaeological predictive model for a site from analysis of the historical, geological and archaeological data of an area. These investigations produce the archaeological risk assessment.

Inventory fieldwork

Inventory fieldwork ( IVO ) complements and tests the archaeological expectations as provided by data analysis. This may consist of:

  • Exploratory research (drilling , geophysical surveys , geo – archaeological assessment): Exploratory research is aimed at reconstructing the landscape and identifying potential risk locations for archaeological sites.
  • Surveying (drilling research, trial trenching, surface mapping, geophysical survey): Surveying focuses on the detection of archaeological sites in the landscape zones, identified in the exploratory research as risk areas for encountering sites.
  • Evaluation (drilling research, trial trenching, geoarchaeological assessment): If archaeological remains are discovered during surveying, then the physical quality and content of the archaeological remains are evaluated. This provides so-called ‘selection advice’. Based on this advice, the competent authority decides what to do with the archaeological remains found (preserve in situ or excavate).


Physical preservation

Specialist research and proccessing

All investigations are performed in-house (this is unique to EARTH!)

  • Dating
  • Physical and historical geography
  • Pottery
  • Glass
  • Iron Production
  • Stone & Ceramic Building Material
  • Paleo / Archaeobotany
  • Parasitology
  • Diatom analysis/ Archaeomalacology
  • Micro Morphology
  • Physical anthropology
  • Zooarchaeology